Natures Sponsoring NSARDA

Natures Sponsoring NSARDA

9,ooo People in Kent alone are reported missing every year........ 9,000 people! That is a staggering statistic.

Search Dogs are used to search for many different types of missing people such as hill walkers, climbers, the elderly and confused persons that may be suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia, those that are despondent, children and sometimes victims of crime.

The Police, RAF, Coastguard and other emergency services are extremely fortunate to be able to call upon the unparalled expertise of The National Search and Rescue Dog Association (NSARDA).


Natures are extremely honoured and proud to be able to announce a unique sponsorship of NSARDA Kent


NSARDA is a registered charity and not a funded unit of the emergency services. NSARDA search teams provide their services completely free of charge and are entirely dependent on public donations to be able to continue to provide their support to UK emergency services.


Natures were very fortunate to have joined NSARDA Kent on a recent training evening at Kings Wood, the team showcased their incredible skills and techniques first hand and we were blown away by the seamlessly intuitive connection between the dogs and their Handlers. We were treated to two separate searches, on which we were given an amazing overview in how the dogs work an area, how they use the wind to detect scent and how they search across a scent funnel, the team explained how one dog can search an area, that would take an entire team of people 2- 3 hours, in around 20 minutes. 2 - 3 hours being a time based on good conditions, weather, light etc but the dog far more accurate searching by scent. We struggled to see any of the 'bodies' from 20 feet away in the light knowing exactly where they were, all were easily identified by the dogs in a space of minutes and their respective handlers notified and led to the area.


And why do these beautiful dogs do this time and time again? For a toy or a treat or a hug...... that unwavering love and loyalty is why dogs will always capture our hearts.


Now, I feel it prudent here to highlight the level of dedication the handlers and their dogs put in just to qualify and earn the right to wear the NSARDA badge on their arm. The average handler (using the word average here couldn’t be any less accurate!) trains for 2 full years before they can even be assessed by their peers, over a 3-day weekend they must complete a large number of searches successfully and exhibit the skills and qualities required by NSARDA's strict assessors. After only 1 year, those skills are assessed again to ensure they have been suitably enhanced by searching in real life situations.

The teams are on call 365 days per year and train religiously 3 times per week and all whilst working full-time jobs. This type of dedication should be not only rewarded but lauded for the invaluable service and support they provide to our emergency services.

Knowing all of the above, for Natures to learn that these 'heroes' choose to feed our Complete Meals, is nothing short of humbling.


We look forward to a long and fulfilling relationship with NSARDA.


If you would like to learn more about NSARDA and the amazing work they do please visit

If you would like to donate, you can do so by visiting

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