Introduction To Raw Service

Let us help you start your transition to raw 

At Natures we believe that every dog deserves the best in life, this is never more evident in the food that they eat. We understand that when it comes to switching your dog to a raw food diet, this can seem very daunting! Well..... let Natures take all the stress away from you.

The Natures 'Introduction To Raw Service' is an innovative new service whereby we, the experts, guide you every step of the way in your transition to raw. No worries of what exactly you should feed and when, no worries of how much you should feed, how reassuring would it be to have a dedicated advisor assigned to just you to help you every step of the way? Well now you can.

With the Natures 'Introduction To Raw Service you receive:

- A dedicated advisor from the Natures team, available via Facebook Messenger/Whatsapp/Email or Phone (yes, we love technology but we do love to chat!)

 - Online reference material on the benefits of raw

- An initial chat to discuss any concerns you may have and to just get to know you and your pet

- Natures will calculate your dogs daily feed amount, based on weight and activity level

- A fantastic discounted 12kg Introduction To Raw box of 4 different varieties of Natures complete meals to start your transition

- Natures will calculate for you your Weekly/Monthly order amount for the future

- Advice on food handling, storage and preparation

If you do have ANY initial questions, dont hesitate to contact us via messenger or whatsapp (bottom right icon) or email

Follow the below link to our Introduction To Raw Pack and a member of the team will be in touch with you straight away to get you started on the road to raw, you will not regret it.....